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Advocacy Mindanow Foundation Inc. (AMFI) is a non-stock, non-profit organization registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 2002 with registration number  CN200253293.

AMFI.  is an organization of well-meaning and dynamic people pursuing trailblazing initiatives of Mindanao towards community empowerment, where inhabitants living in harmony reap the fruits of  peace and development, sustainable environment and social equity.

The Foundation also believes that each individual has a role to play in the peace and development. Therefore, its mission is to “inspire and assist stakeholders to effectively participate in the task of building peace, economically-sustainable, God-fearing, country-loving and socially-cohesive Mindanao communities.”

Distinctively, AMFI has expertise in governance enhancement, conflict resolution and management and community organizing. As a leading organization in advocacy work, the Foundation is fully backed by a pool of consultants trained and experienced in communications and information management. Its completed and ongoing projects (see list attached) would show its capability to undertake various community development projects using an integrated, sustainable and holistic approach.